About Up2yoga

Up2yoga is partnering with MaestroConference and top yoga teachers to launch
an exciting new program that will inspire, educate and activate yoga enthusiasts
around the world.  We are co-creating a diverse community of people
who want to deepen their understanding of yoga, themselves and their world –
and live their yoga in powerful ways every day.

Up2yoga’s first program is an ongoing series of dynamic, interactive call-in
workshops and courses on a variety of yoga-related topics.

If you are a yoga teacher or other expert interested in leading a workshop,
please contact: Carolyn Brown at 510-845-2224 or

To learn more about the Maestro Conference technology and see it in action,
please visit:  http://maestroconference.com/

Up2yoga Team

Up2Yoga team member: Carolyn Brown Carolyn Brown co-founded Up2yoga to bring people together to go deeper into yoga and to translate their insights into action. She is dedicated to supporting inner and outer evolution, individual and collective transformation, and human reconnection with the natural world. In addition to practicing and teaching yoga, she is active in the Green Yoga Association and served as the Northern California Editor for Yogi Times magazine. She also develops communications and outreach programs for environmental organizations to help shift Americans toward sustainability. Her previous work includes public awareness campaigns, magazine publishing, public policy, finance and writing.
Up2Yoga team member: Brian BurtBrian Burt, Co-Founder of Up2yoga and Founder/CEO of MaestroConference, is passionate about inspiring people to take action in their lives — starting with his own. A yogi and catalyst, he brings MaestroConference's technology platform to teachers and organizations that are leading positive change. Previously, he led major technology projects in the areas of marketing, telephone technology and CRM systems. He has led many weekend workshops integrating purpose and finances. When not working or practicing yoga, he can often be found sailing with friends on San Francisco Bay.
Up2Yoga team member: Adam KorenAdam Koren manages the technical and administrative systems of Up2yoga. He is also the primary technology facilitator for MaestroConference workshops. He loves the peace that comes from meditating, and the aliveness and passion that comes from playing Ultimate Frisbee.
Up2Yoga team member: Caryn WolfeCaryn Wolf is a graphic designer and photo stylist who loves creating and designing. An avid yoga junkie, she is currently studying in a teacher training program with Laura Camp in Oakland, California. She hopes to continue spreading the joy and growth that she has blessed to receive from her amazing teachers and community.
Up2Yoga team member: Alan ZuckerAlan Zucker, webmaster, is a karma yogi who has dedicated much of his life facilitating the communication of progressive themes, such as yoga, ecology and social justice, through various media. Alan is a key member of the Green Yoga Association team.