For Teachers

Up2yoga invites yoga teachers, scholars and other experts to teach courses, workshops and invitation-only conversations through our interactive teleseminar platform.

Up2yoga enables you to educate and engage hundreds of people without leaving your home or office. It's a convenient, cost-effective, fun way for teachers to continue working with existing students and/or affiliated teachers all over the world – and to reach new students. In addition to teaching courses and workshops, you can hold follow-up sessions with people who have participated in a particular training or retreat; regularly engage with your whole community; and keep your affiliated teachers updated. It's easy and powerful!

Technology Features

Core Benefits

Bottom-Line Benefits

Up2yoga envisions a united community of people who are living yoga's wisdom and shaping the world. Our mission is to help you create powerful experiences that truly make a difference.

To learn more, please contact Carolyn Brown, or 510-845-2224.

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